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IMPORTANT: Revised authorisation procedure

IMPORTANT: Revised authorisation procedure.

Managers will no longer need to authorise course bookings for Peterborough City Council staff.

  • Staff must continue to ensure they have their line manager's permission prior to making any booking requests.
  • Line managers will still receive confirmation emails, automatically generated for course bookings and cancellations, as long as they are recorded as the 'CPD Leader'.  Therefore, it is important that staff and managers ensure that their team information is accurate on CPD Online. Please check by logging into and email regarding any team changes.
  • The Workforce Development team is still required to approve the booking.  A confirmation email will be issued where a place on training has been approved, and the member of staff will be expected to attend.
  • Applicants should not attend the event(s) applied for, unless they have received an email from CPD confirming a place has been allocated. Delegates who attend without having received a confirmation will be turned away on the day.

However, there are exceptions, to be aware of.

  1. There are separate procedures for training managed by the School Improvement team, and SEN & Inclusion team.  Managers are still required to authorise bookings for staff from these establishments.  For further information, contact or
  2. Staff outside of the Council, at private, independent or voluntary organisations, will also still require their line manager to authorise their booking.
  3. Places are limited, so in order to avoid disappointment, line managers from these establishments should continue to authorise requests promptly.
  4. The relevant CPD support team is unable to confirm these training places, until this step is complete.
  5. A confirmation email will be issued where the place on the training has been approved.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please your relevant support team


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